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Celebration of the Children’s Baptism

Parents are requested to contact the Rectory to make arrangements. Date and time can be arranged with the priest.

Rectory: (908) 686-0722


The sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated at Christ the King Church on May 5, 2018 at the 5:30 PM Mass. Preparation will begin when students are in the seventh grade. The period of preparation for Confirmation is two years in length. Therefore, students will be in their eighth or ninth grade year at the time of Confirmation.

The student’s period of remote preparation includes the total elementary and junior high (First through Eighth grades) in the Religious Education Program or in a Catholic Elementary School.

Notification for registration for Confirmation will be sent to you in the mail and will also be announced in our Church Bulletin as well as on this website.

First Communion

Sacrament celebrations are Parish celebrations. Therefore, children who are attending the Christ the King Religious Education Program and children in area Catholic Schools who are registered parishioners of Christ the King Parish, prepare for and celebrate these sacraments together.

The sacraments of First Penance and First Communion are celebrated in Second Grade. Each child must complete at least two years of Religious Education in order to celebrate these sacraments. Completing the religion curriculum from first grade through second grade is recommended.

Registration for First Penance and First Communion takes place at a parents’/guardians’ meeting in the spring of their child’s First Grade year. Notification for this registration is sent to parishioners in the mail and is also announced in our Church Bulletin as well as on this website.

Please note that the preparation programs for First Penance and First Communion are separate and in addition to a child’s regular Religious Education curriculum.

Preparation for First Penance and First Communion 2018

Registration for First Communion 2018 will take place in September. Please call the Religious Education Office (908-656-0214 or 973-923-8328) for more information.

Link to First Communion Calendar

Holy Matrimony

The Sacrament of Marriage requires a time of spiritual preperation.

Couples planning to be married are asked to make an appointment with one of the priests to set a wedding date and to begin preparations before the wedding according to N.J. Bishops Guidlines.

This revised handbook* of Pastoral Policies and Guidelines for Marriage Preparation focuses on a three-stage marriage preparation process. The goal of these policies and guidelines is to provide assistance and support to engaged couples as well as to pastoral ministers** and married couples working with them. Different authoritative levels of directions are found in this handbook: canonical norms, statements of policy, and guidelines for dealing with special circumstances.