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Rejoice in the Lord – July 8, 2022

Cardinal Tobin reflects on the hard work of building peace
Pope Francis’s encyclical Fratelli Tutti (On Social Friendship) was published nearly two years ago in Assisi on October 3, 2020, on the Vigil of the Feast of Saint Francis. It is a prophetic vision for all people who seriously want to build a lasting peace.Peace is something we can never take for granted. It is not established “once and for all” but must be built continuously in every time and place through the hard work and prayer of people who long for it. Peace is the product of forgiveness and of respect for the fundamental rights and dignity of all. It is not simply the absence of conflict or warfare, but it is the proactive presence of a state of mind that promotes fellowship, harmony and co-responsibility among diverse peoples and cultures. Click here to continue reading Cardinal Tobin’s letter to the faithful.