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Rejoice iin the Lord

In his latest newsletter, Cardinal Tobin reflects on Padre Pio’s spiritual gifts
My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,During the two decades that I had a Roman address, I shared community life with missionaries who hailed from thirty or more different countries. This hodgepodge of priests and brothers were imbedded in the wonderful if, at times, bewildering culture of the Bel Paese, the beautiful country, Italy. I recall one evening in Roma listening to a German priest describe what he saw on his afternoon walk. A truck was patiently making its way through the crowded streets near Piazza Venezia, towing a trailer that bore a bronze image of a majestic figure mounted on a regal stallion. The image, which stands almost 15 feet high was the emperor Marcus Aurelius, which stands in a beautiful piazza designed by Michelangelo atop the Capitoline, one of the seven hills of Roma.

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