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Rejoice in the Lord

Cardinal explores relationship between Lenten penance and synodal journey
My dear sisters and brothers in Christ,In my last newsletter I discussed preparing for Lent as an integral part of our Church’s synodal journey. This holy season, which is set aside in our liturgical calendar each year, is intended to promote spiritual renewal and bona opera (good works). By the traditional Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we walk with Jesus—and all his brothers and sisters—on a journey that leads through cruelty, pain and death to the joy of resurrection in Christ. For 40 days each year, we listen intently to the Word of God, and we prayerfully discern the Father’s will. We deny ourselves good things for the greater good of our spiritual health, and we share generously with others, especially those who are most in need of our help. During Lent, we acknowledge gratefully that our journey is not a solitary one. We walk with Jesus, and, through Him, we are accompanied by all the members of His Body living and deceased.Pope Francis’s 2023 Lenten Message reflects on the relationship between this penitential season and our Church’s synodal journey…

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