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Rejoice in the Lord – June 23, 2023

Cardinal Tobin calls for action, responsible stewardship of God’s creation
My dear sisters and brothers in Christ,In recent weeks, the smoky haze arising from nearly 150 wildfires burning outside Quebec, Canada, coated much of the northeast of the United States including our four counties of northern New Jersey. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this caused serious air quality issues here and as far south as northern Florida. In our part of the country, skies are darkening, and government officials are warning residents to stay inside and limit outdoor exposure as much as possible. I am reminded of the prophetic warning of Pope Francis in his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si’ (On Care for Our Common Home). In this letter, the Holy Father builds on the teaching of his predecessors (especially St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI) and calls for a conversion of mind and heart regarding our attitude toward the environment. He also challenges us to act in ways that are both eco-friendly and committed to resolving the problems of human society.

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