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Rejoice in the Lord – Jan 5, 2024

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,In his encyclical Fratelli Tutti (On Fraternity and Social Friendship) #278, Pope Francis tells us that war is fratricide—brothers and sisters killing one another. War can never be an acceptable solution to our differences as individuals, communities or nations. Once we have accepted the fact that we are all members of God’s family—regardless of our racial, cultural, economic, social or political differences—we can never turn to violence as an appropriate way of resolving our differences, no matter how serious they may be. Dialogue, forgiveness, and mutual understanding must be the solution, never warfare…Also in this edition:Special Intercessions for the New YearA Message from Pope Francis: Words of Challenge and Hope  Cardinal Tobin’s Prayer for You  Continue reading Cardinal Tobin’s letter to the faithful in English or Spanish.