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Rejoice in the Lord – Mar 01, 2024

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,  As we celebrate the liturgical season of Lent, and prepare for the great joy of Easter, we find ourselves in what Pope Francis calls “a privileged moment to celebrate and experience God’s mercy.” In Misericordiae Vultus (“The Face of Mercy”), he singles out the season of Lent as perhaps the most appropriate time for us to “rediscover the merciful face of the Father,” which is a great mystery of our faith (#17). The word of God reveals the merciful face of the Father in virtually every passage of the Old and New Testaments. “How many pages of sacred Scripture are appropriate for meditation during the weeks of Lent,” the Holy Father exclaims. He urges us to make our own the words of the prophet Micah…Continue reading Cardinal Tobin’s letter to the faithful in English or Spanish.Also in this edition:A Message from Pope Francis: Words of Challenge and Hope  Cardinal Tobin’s Prayer for You