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Rejoice iin the Lord – Mar 15, 2024

Rather than saying that the Church has a mission, we affirm that Church ‘is’ mission. “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21): the Church receives from Christ, the One who is sent by the Father, Her own mission. Supported and guided by the Holy Spirit, the Church announces and witnesses the Gospel to those who do not know it or welcome it (A Synodal Church in Mission: Synthesis Report, Part II, Number 8a).Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,  Synodality calls us to be a Church in mission. The Church does not merely “have” a mission. The Church “is” mission. She is a community of missionary disciples who are sent to all the ends of the earth to announce and give witness to the Gospel of Joy. As Pope Francis frequently reminds us, the mission we have received compels us to “go forth,” especially to the outer limits of human society, the periphery.Where do we find the periphery? The dictionary definition of periphery is “the outside edge of an area or the area that surrounds a place or thing.” But Pope Francis is not simply speaking of geography. He is also referring to those areas that contain people who are social outcasts, on the “margins” of social acceptability, as being the periphery. The pope admonishes us to step outside of our comfort zones and to open our hearts to others, especially those who have been rejected by society…

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