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Rejoice in the Lord – May 31, 2024

In the latest edition of Rejoice in the Lord, Cardinal Tobin writes:While it’s true that we Catholics have always “stood out” from other Christians in our worship, our devotions (especially to Mary and the saints) and our observances (Lenten abstinence and meatless Fridays, for example), we have never been “in your face” when it comes to sharing our faith. And now, we are challenged “to regard ourselves as sealed, even branded, by this mission of bringing light, blessing, enlivening, raising up, healing and freeing” (#273). This is where pastoral conversion becomes absolutely necessary. This is when we most need to receive from the Holy Spirit the missionary zeal that makes it possible for us to proclaim our Redeemer, the Crucified and Risen Christ, to all nations and peoples.Pope Francis knows that he is calling us to move beyond “our comfort zones” and define ourselves not as Catholics who simply do what is expected of us but as people who acknowledge and accept a very different role as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.Read Cardinal Tobin’s full letter to the faithful in English or Spanish.