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Rejoice in the Lord – Mar 31, 2023

Cardinal Tobin: Paschal Triduum brings us closer to the Lord
Each year, the Church gives us the opportunity to share in the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ through our celebration of the liturgies for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter. As Pope Francis reminds us, this is “a time of grace” for us, a time to grow closer to God and to one another by experiencing prayerfully the powerful moments of Christ’s last days on Earth. How can we be indifferent to Christ’s suffering and death if we participate in His Last Supper; if we share His agony in the garden; if we see Him scourged, mocked and crowned with thorns; if we witness His condemnation by religious and political authority; if we walk with Him on the Way of the Cross; if we stand before the Crucified One as He utters His last words; and if we help His mother and a few faithful friends lay Him in the tomb? How can we abandon Him—as Peter and most of the others did—when we know that He will rise again on the third day?

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