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How to receive a plenary indulgence in Holy Week 2023

A plenary indulgence is a grace granted by the Church through the merits of Jesus Christ, Mary and the saints for the remission of the temporal punishment for sin.

Amnesty applies to sins already forgiven. A plenary indulgence purifies the soul as if the person had just been baptized.

A plenary indulgence during Holy Week can be obtained for yourself or for the deceased by performing one of the following works prescribed by the Church.

Holy Thursday – April 6, 2023

1. If during the solemn placement of the Blessed Sacrament (usually on the side altar), after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, you read or sing the hymn “Tantum Ergo.”

2. Half-hour solemn Eucharistic adoration.

Good Friday – April 7, 2023

1. If you venerate the cross during the solemn celebration of the Lord’s Passion.

2. If you attend the Way of the Cross.

Holy Saturday – April 8, 2023

1. If two or more people recite the Rosary.

2. If you attend the Easter Vigil at night and repeat your baptismal promise, it is part of the liturgy of the Mass.

Conditions in all cases:

In order to enjoy a plenary indulgence, in addition to performing the specific tasks mentioned above, the following conditions must be met:

1. Abandon all sins, even venial sins.

2. The celebration of the Sacraments of Confession, Communion and Prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father. These conditions can be fulfilled before or after performing the works for the indulgence, but it is appropriate that Communion and prayer take place on the dates announced above.